Children’s Portraits – Cupcake Tea Party


Lured in by the wafting smell of vanilla and the pretty decor Ivy, Edith and I have become regulars at Cupcakes in a Box. Delicious treats and great cups of tea have kept us going back for more, always taking a big chocolate cupcake home for dad (which of course he has to share with us girls). This time we went with some lovely friends and had a proper tea party. There is such contentment in seeing children delight in special treats (and of course there are often repercussions and a need to run off that extra energy at the park afterwards).


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day in the park


This weekend Bright Photography went to enjoy the autumn light and take some portrait photos of two gorgeous little sisters, my little girls Ivy & Edith.  It was an amazing day with warm temperatures and dappled sun shining through the pine trees, just perfect for kids portraits.  We started on the rug with pictures of the girls together and then wandered around investigating toad stools, pine cones and looking for fairies, giving me a chance to take some candid photos.

As the girls were still agreeable we set the blanket out again and took some more portraits of them together.  This little session was perfectly interrupted by the arrival of a gorgeous wedding precession.  Observing and photographing Ivy’s interest in the bride, groom and their bridal party was fantastic and again I had a chance to photograph her genuine curiosity.  I felt spoilt for choice with the results.

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kid of the week 5

This week we have handsome wide-eyed Jagger.  His latest milestones are getting past newborn to baby, blowing raspberries and giggling!  Go Jagger!

name:               Jagger

age:                  4 1/2 months

outfit:               onesie – rock your baby

socks:               soggs

Jagger’s mum says his favourite thing to do is –

standing up, with help from mum & dad, he is way ahead of his 4 1/2 months.

kid of the week 4

This week we have skateboard & scooter enthusiast & all round cool dude Jasper.  His mum is producing a kids label called Kingston Kids – young hearts and will have the website launched any minute now.  I shall keep you posted.

name:               Jasper

age:                   just turned 2

outfit:               boardies & long-sleeved T – munster

shoes                converse high tops

cap                    carhart

Jasper’s mum says his favourite thing to do is –

when he is not on his scooter he is rocking his guitar.

kid of the week 3

This week we have gorgeous Poppy in her spring inspired outfit.

Poppy is exclusively dressed by her Grammie, who is an op shopper extraordinaire!  Grammie (Poppy’s nanny) does bespoke shops for clients looking for a unique present for loved ones, especially kiddies.  Vintage, collectables or recently discarded treasures are hunted down and recycled to loving homes!

To contact Grammie and her bespoke op shop treasure hunting service email her on:

name:               Poppy

age:                   nearly 3

outfit:               grammie’s op shop

shoes                grammie’s op shop

accessories     including parasol, you guessed it, grammie’s op shop

Poppy’s mum says one of her favourite things to do at the moment is – 

Cutting and styling her own hair, yes cutting!  Mum is hoping it wont be a favourite activity for long!