Newborn Perfection

This little guy is so adorable.  The hearts desire of both his parents and you can see this clear and present on their proud and grateful faces.  I was so happy to capture this little bundle at such a precious time in his life.  This one really made me warm and fuzzy, I love my job.



Bondi Newborn session

When your mum is a New Yorker and your dad is an Aussie, native Australian cuddlies are a must!

I’ve had so much fun photographing this gorgeous new mum @annakooiman  throughout her pregnancy and now with her beautiful bub. We have been stretching, flexing and discussing the wonders of prenatal yoga and the magic benefits of @shebirths antenatal classes. Now it’s time for this sweet little bundle to shine.  His newborn session at home was so nice and relaxed – all we needed was some pretty window light and the end of a bed.  His charm and big furry Labrador brother took care of the rest!


Newborn heaven

Look at this little cherub, he is nothing short of perfect and the cuteness is off the chart. There are no words needed for the clear and present love of his mamma. I caught some quiet moments to treasure of the bond between them.  More images to come of this little guy as his big sisters are just as gorgeous and thoroughly in love.


Newborn Session

Everything about this newborn session was perfect, except maybe that we broke the age rules on newborns but hey rules are for breaking.  Miss smile-alot took everything in her stride and was so charming it was hard to stop taking photos of her beaming smiles and stunning blue eyes.



Newborn Session with Chloe

Oh those big, bright eyes and those adoring parents.  I love EVERYTHING about this newborn session.  It tells a story of love, curiosity, wonder and devotion.  Its the perfect time capsule of what will one day be a warm but fuzzy memory of those first few months when your baby is just born.  So cheeky and so perfect, thank you little miss you were delightful to photograph.

newborn session

This little heart breaker was so sweet to photograph and clearly adored by his two gorgeous parents.  He was not keen on sleeping and always had one eye on me, so curious for only 10 days old.  He is born Year of the Monkey, he can tick off Cheeky Monkey already on the list of attributes.


An Italian Wedding Affair

I was ever so lucky to capture this amazing wedding in Sorrento and Positano, Italy.  The connection the bride and groom had not only with each other but with their family and friends was so deep and touching that it will leave an impression on me forever.  Their attention to detail big and small was second to none, leaving plenty of time for photos and a pit stop for fresh limonatta on the Via Nastro Azzurro, how divine.  And oh the history, the food, the proseco, the views and the weather, more destination weddings please.



Family portraits in the park

This gorgeous and expanding family were so much fun to photograph. Their  portrait session at Marks Park in Bondi was more like a work out. We chased each other around  and snapped lots of gorgeous memories some quiet and intimate and some silly and fun. This combination of pregnancy session and family portrait session was not your average one but was perfect for this fun loving, adventurous and active family.


Children’s Portraits – Cupcake Tea Party


Lured in by the wafting smell of vanilla and the pretty decor Ivy, Edith and I have become regulars at Cupcakes in a Box. Delicious treats and great cups of tea have kept us going back for more, always taking a big chocolate cupcake home for dad (which of course he has to share with us girls). This time we went with some lovely friends and had a proper tea party. There is such contentment in seeing children delight in special treats (and of course there are often repercussions and a need to run off that extra energy at the park afterwards).


bright_photography_cupcakes-1 bright_photography_cupcakes-2 bright_photography_cupcakes-3 bright_photography_cupcakes-4 bright_photography_cupcakes-5 bright_photography_cupcakes-6 bright_photography_cupcakes-7 bright_photography_cupcakes-8 bright_photography_cupcakes-9 bright_photography_cupcakes-10 bright_photography_cupcakes-11 bright_photography_cupcakes-12 bright_photography_cupcakes-13 bright_photography_cupcakes-14 bright_photography_cupcakes-15 bright_photography_cupcakes-16 bright_photography_cupcakes-17 bright_photography_cupcakes-18 bright_photography_cupcakes-19 bright_photography_cupcakes-20 bright_photography_cupcakes-21

Wedding Canberra – Fiona & Dave

I love Canberra, that’s right, I always have. It’s no secret now that the Nations Capital is chic & sophisticated, beautiful and clean, full of big public spaces that are amazing to photograph plus it is the home of some of my best friends.
That said, I recently went to Canberra to photograph Fiona & Dave’s intimate wedding. They spent the afternoon getting hitched and taking pictures at The Carillion on Aspen Island. It’s a gorgeous location have a little look.

canberra_wedding01 canberra_wedding02 canberra_wedding03 canberra_wedding04 canberra_wedding05 canberra_wedding06 canberra_wedding07 canberra_wedding08 canberra_wedding09 canberra_wedding010 canberra_wedding011 canberra_wedding012 canberra_wedding013 canberra_wedding014 canberra_wedding015

newborn photos – gorgeous Ruby

It’s such a special privilege to be able to photograph a newborn baby (not to mention hold and occasionally snuggle). It’s great to see the beaming faces of the proud parents and share birth stories and first moments. Those moments that stay with you for a lifetime. The photos I capture I know are gifts as they freeze the baby in a moment and give the parents a time capsule of their precious child at a stage that is so fleeting.


Ruby was the sweetest baby to photograph, I shall let the photos do the talking now!

newborn portrait eastern suburbs-11 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-10 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-9 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-6 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-7 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-8 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-5 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-4 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-3 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-2 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-1 newborn portrait eastern suburbs 1-1

family portrait – generations

I spent some time wandering around Centennial Park with this lovely family to do a family portrait session with 3 generations of family.  Hanging out with your grand parents is the best and these boys loved every minute.  It’s very special for me to see the interactions and capture those moments for families to cherish.  We had lots of fun with special family photos, intimate couple shots, action photos of the boys and some chasing geese!

family portrait centennial park_1 family portrait centennial park_2 family portrait centennial park_3 family portrait centennial park_4 family portrait centennial park_5 family portrait centennial park_6 family portrait centennial park_7 family portrait centennial park_8 family portrait centennial park_9 family portrait centennial park_10 family portrait centennial park_11 family portrait centennial park_12 family portrait centennial park_13 family portrait centennial park_14 family portrait centennial park_15 family portrait centennial park_16 family portrait centennial park_17 family portrait centennial park_18 family portrait centennial park_19 family portrait centennial park_20 family portrait centennial park_21 family portrait centennial park_22 family portrait centennial park_23

palm beach wedding steph & andrew

I love all the photos from Steph & Andrew’s wedding, they are an amazing couple.  The dress was sensational and the boys looked so sharp.  There was so much love in the air with two gorgeous little sisters, a big happy bridal party and of course two love birds tying the knot.  What a beautiful day.

palmbeachwedding_01 palmbeachwedding_02 palmbeachwedding_03 palmbeachwedding_04 palmbeachwedding_05 palmbeachwedding_06 palmbeachwedding_07 palmbeachwedding_08 palmbeachwedding_010 palmbeachwedding_011 palmbeachwedding_012 palmbeachwedding_013 palmbeachwedding_014 palmbeachwedding_015 palmbeachwedding_016 palmbeachwedding_017 palmbeachwedding_019 palmbeachwedding_020 palmbeachwedding_021 palmbeachwedding_022 palmbeachwedding_023 palmbeachwedding_024 palmbeachwedding_025 palmbeachwedding_026 palmbeachwedding_027 palmbeachwedding_028 palmbeachwedding_030 palmbeachwedding_031 palmbeachwedding_032 palmbeachwedding_033 palmbeachwedding_034 palmbeachwedding_035 palmbeachwedding_036 palmbeachwedding_037 palmbeachwedding_038 palmbeachwedding_039 palmbeachwedding_040 palmbeachwedding_041 palmbeachwedding_042 palmbeachwedding_043 palmbeachwedding_044 palmbeachwedding_045 palmbeachwedding_046 palmbeachwedding_047 palmbeachwedding_048 palmbeachwedding_049 palmbeachwedding_050 palmbeachwedding_051 palmbeachwedding_052 palmbeachwedding_053

nadine & joe’s rose bay wedding                                          ph: 0418 442 727

I photographed Joe & Nadine’s amazing wedding in the back garden of a classic 1940’s apartment building in Rose Bay. It was a very intimate wedding with family and close friends. Nadine wore an amazing Lover dress which looked stunning on her and was a great companion to Joe’s very sharp suit. We took some gorgeous shots as the sun set on beautiful Sydney harbour. Here are just a few to have a peek at.

rosebay wedding 01 rosebay wedding 02 rosebay wedding 03 rosebay wedding 04 rosebay wedding 05 rosebay wedding 06 rosebay wedding 07 rosebay wedding 08 rosebay wedding 09 rosebay wedding 010 rosebay wedding 011 rosebay wedding 012 rosebay wedding 013 rosebay wedding 014 rosebay wedding 015 rosebay wedding 016 rosebay wedding 017 rosebay wedding 018 rosebay wedding 019 rosebay wedding 020 rosebay wedding 021 rosebay wedding 022 rosebay wedding 023


family photos in vaucluse

This winter has been so amazing for photography, lovely sunny days with soft wintry light and this family portrait at Nielsen Park was no exception.  I had a great morning chasing this lovely family around the beach and taking photos for them to treasure.  Nielsen Park is a great spot for a family portrait with its beach, sandstone rocks and massive old fig trees.  Our session was filled with family and individual portraits, a lot of laughter and fun.  There was also a little bit of sand eaten!!!

vaucluse-family-portrait-1 vaucluse-family-portrait-2 vaucluse-family-portrait-3 vaucluse-family-portrait-4 vaucluse-family-portrait-5 vaucluse-family-portrait-6 vaucluse-family-portrait-7

gorgeous newborn Ford

How delightful is my job!  I recently had the privilege of photographing baby Ford when he was only 7 days old.  Ford is a scrumptious 9 pound and a bit baby and is just gorgeous! He was the perfect model, snoozed all the way through our newborn photo session.  He didn’t mind being popped into the sweetest poses (showing off his guns of course), holding mum’s hand and even snuggling up with mum and dad for some intimate family portraits.  When we were done he continued to snooze, it’s a good life for babies!  What a champion!

Thanks for the snuggle Ford!


newborn bondi-01 newborn bondi-02 newborn bondi-03 newborn bondi-04 newborn bondi-05 newborn bondi-06 newborn bondi-07 newborn bondi-08 newborn bondi-09 newborn bondi-010


newborn bondi-011


day in the park


This weekend Bright Photography went to enjoy the autumn light and take some portrait photos of two gorgeous little sisters, my little girls Ivy & Edith.  It was an amazing day with warm temperatures and dappled sun shining through the pine trees, just perfect for kids portraits.  We started on the rug with pictures of the girls together and then wandered around investigating toad stools, pine cones and looking for fairies, giving me a chance to take some candid photos.

As the girls were still agreeable we set the blanket out again and took some more portraits of them together.  This little session was perfectly interrupted by the arrival of a gorgeous wedding precession.  Observing and photographing Ivy’s interest in the bride, groom and their bridal party was fantastic and again I had a chance to photograph her genuine curiosity.  I felt spoilt for choice with the results.

1M1A2921 1M1A2955 1M1A2960 1M1A2970 1M1A2992 1M1A2997 1M1A3001 1M1A3014 1M1A3018 1M1A3027 1M1A3030 1M1A3037 1M1A3041

kid of the week 7

Hi, you may have noticed that this post is a little late but better late than never!

This week we have Valley who I photographed at the Bondi Beach Markets with his mum, dad and new baby sister!  His outfit is great for climbing in and has a cool style all if his own.  It is also movember friendly.

name:              Valley

age:                  4 years old

outfit:               sweatshirt – rock your baby, jeans – bardot

shoes:              converse high tops

Valley’s mum said his favourite thing to do is –

wrap up all his toys and give them as presents to mummy & daddy! Mum and Dad then have to say “oh wow I always wanted one of those!”


kid of the week 6

This weeks sophisticated model is Miss Macy, how gorgeous is she?

Macy’s dress is one of many designs from Macy N Mali the label.  Macy’s mum Mel was inspired to started the label when Macy was born.  It’s a little unique brand all handmade within Australia creating individual pieces. It began with frilly bloomers and then just expanded from there, gorgeous dresses, layered skirts and pretty peasant tops . To find more details check out Macy N Mali’s Facebook site :

name:               Macy

age:                  4 & 1/2 years old

outfit:               dress – macy n mali, long sleeve t – target

nail polish:     pretty in pink

Macy’s mum said her favourite thing to do is –

jumping on her trampoline


kid of the week 5

This week we have handsome wide-eyed Jagger.  His latest milestones are getting past newborn to baby, blowing raspberries and giggling!  Go Jagger!

name:               Jagger

age:                  4 1/2 months

outfit:               onesie – rock your baby

socks:               soggs

Jagger’s mum says his favourite thing to do is –

standing up, with help from mum & dad, he is way ahead of his 4 1/2 months.

kid of the week 4

This week we have skateboard & scooter enthusiast & all round cool dude Jasper.  His mum is producing a kids label called Kingston Kids – young hearts and will have the website launched any minute now.  I shall keep you posted.

name:               Jasper

age:                   just turned 2

outfit:               boardies & long-sleeved T – munster

shoes                converse high tops

cap                    carhart

Jasper’s mum says his favourite thing to do is –

when he is not on his scooter he is rocking his guitar.

kid of the week 3

This week we have gorgeous Poppy in her spring inspired outfit.

Poppy is exclusively dressed by her Grammie, who is an op shopper extraordinaire!  Grammie (Poppy’s nanny) does bespoke shops for clients looking for a unique present for loved ones, especially kiddies.  Vintage, collectables or recently discarded treasures are hunted down and recycled to loving homes!

To contact Grammie and her bespoke op shop treasure hunting service email her on:

name:               Poppy

age:                   nearly 3

outfit:               grammie’s op shop

shoes                grammie’s op shop

accessories     including parasol, you guessed it, grammie’s op shop

Poppy’s mum says one of her favourite things to do at the moment is – 

Cutting and styling her own hair, yes cutting!  Mum is hoping it wont be a favourite activity for long!

kid of the week

Hi! This weeks little natural to the catwalk is Olive.  It’s no wonder she is a natural, her mum is the owner of Pretty Dog in Newtown.

name:           Olive

age:               15 months

outfit:           cardi – cotton on kids, jumpsuit – markets and a wee bonds singlet

shoes             old sole

accessory     tomy, sing and swim bath turtle

Olive’s mum says one of Olive’s favourite things to do at the moment is the timeless       classic –

Playing with keys.

kid of the week

Hello, I would like to introduce you to the inaugural post of what will be a weekly blog celebrating the phenomenon of what I see as the new baby boom.

My way of celebrating this phenomenon is to do what I love and photograph a “kid of the week”.

Please tune in to see what amazing little people in fabulous outfits I find on my outings with my daughter Ivy.

Our first little dare devil is Leo, see below for Leo’s pictures and bio.

name:           Leo

age:               nearly 2

outfit:           long sleeve T and skinny jeans – cotton on kids

beanie           courtesy of grandma juju

shoes             zara

accessory     shovel found in sand pit

snack             fruit toast – sejuiced bondi

Leo’s mum says one of his favourite things to do at the moment is – 

Leo loves putting both hands behind his back with one hand clutching a special little item, he asks me to pick which hand is holding said item, then produces an empty hand saying “no”, makes me pick the other hand, then produces said item with such a “TAA-DAAAA!!” it would impress David Copperfield.