newborn photos – gorgeous Ruby

It’s such a special privilege to be able to photograph a newborn baby (not to mention hold and occasionally snuggle). It’s great to see the beaming faces of the proud parents and share birth stories and first moments. Those moments that stay with you for a lifetime. The photos I capture I know are gifts as they freeze the baby in a moment and give the parents a time capsule of their precious child at a stage that is so fleeting.


Ruby was the sweetest baby to photograph, I shall let the photos do the talking now!

newborn portrait eastern suburbs-11 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-10 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-9 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-6 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-7 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-8 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-5 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-4 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-3 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-2 newborn portrait eastern suburbs-1 newborn portrait eastern suburbs 1-1

family portrait – generations

I spent some time wandering around Centennial Park with this lovely family to do a family portrait session with 3 generations of family.  Hanging out with your grand parents is the best and these boys loved every minute.  It’s very special for me to see the interactions and capture those moments for families to cherish.  We had lots of fun with special family photos, intimate couple shots, action photos of the boys and some chasing geese!

family portrait centennial park_1 family portrait centennial park_2 family portrait centennial park_3 family portrait centennial park_4 family portrait centennial park_5 family portrait centennial park_6 family portrait centennial park_7 family portrait centennial park_8 family portrait centennial park_9 family portrait centennial park_10 family portrait centennial park_11 family portrait centennial park_12 family portrait centennial park_13 family portrait centennial park_14 family portrait centennial park_15 family portrait centennial park_16 family portrait centennial park_17 family portrait centennial park_18 family portrait centennial park_19 family portrait centennial park_20 family portrait centennial park_21 family portrait centennial park_22 family portrait centennial park_23

palm beach wedding steph & andrew

I love all the photos from Steph & Andrew’s wedding, they are an amazing couple.  The dress was sensational and the boys looked so sharp.  There was so much love in the air with two gorgeous little sisters, a big happy bridal party and of course two love birds tying the knot.  What a beautiful day.

palmbeachwedding_01 palmbeachwedding_02 palmbeachwedding_03 palmbeachwedding_04 palmbeachwedding_05 palmbeachwedding_06 palmbeachwedding_07 palmbeachwedding_08 palmbeachwedding_010 palmbeachwedding_011 palmbeachwedding_012 palmbeachwedding_013 palmbeachwedding_014 palmbeachwedding_015 palmbeachwedding_016 palmbeachwedding_017 palmbeachwedding_019 palmbeachwedding_020 palmbeachwedding_021 palmbeachwedding_022 palmbeachwedding_023 palmbeachwedding_024 palmbeachwedding_025 palmbeachwedding_026 palmbeachwedding_027 palmbeachwedding_028 palmbeachwedding_030 palmbeachwedding_031 palmbeachwedding_032 palmbeachwedding_033 palmbeachwedding_034 palmbeachwedding_035 palmbeachwedding_036 palmbeachwedding_037 palmbeachwedding_038 palmbeachwedding_039 palmbeachwedding_040 palmbeachwedding_041 palmbeachwedding_042 palmbeachwedding_043 palmbeachwedding_044 palmbeachwedding_045 palmbeachwedding_046 palmbeachwedding_047 palmbeachwedding_048 palmbeachwedding_049 palmbeachwedding_050 palmbeachwedding_051 palmbeachwedding_052 palmbeachwedding_053