kid of the week 3

This week we have gorgeous Poppy in her spring inspired outfit.

Poppy is exclusively dressed by her Grammie, who is an op shopper extraordinaire!  Grammie (Poppy’s nanny) does bespoke shops for clients looking for a unique present for loved ones, especially kiddies.  Vintage, collectables or recently discarded treasures are hunted down and recycled to loving homes!

To contact Grammie and her bespoke op shop treasure hunting service email her on:

name:               Poppy

age:                   nearly 3

outfit:               grammie’s op shop

shoes                grammie’s op shop

accessories     including parasol, you guessed it, grammie’s op shop

Poppy’s mum says one of her favourite things to do at the moment is – 

Cutting and styling her own hair, yes cutting!  Mum is hoping it wont be a favourite activity for long!