kid of the week

Hi! This weeks little natural to the catwalk is Olive.  It’s no wonder she is a natural, her mum is the owner of Pretty Dog in Newtown.

name:           Olive

age:               15 months

outfit:           cardi – cotton on kids, jumpsuit – markets and a wee bonds singlet

shoes             old sole

accessory     tomy, sing and swim bath turtle

Olive’s mum says one of Olive’s favourite things to do at the moment is the timeless       classic –

Playing with keys.

kid of the week

Hello, I would like to introduce you to the inaugural post of what will be a weekly blog celebrating the phenomenon of what I see as the new baby boom.

My way of celebrating this phenomenon is to do what I love and photograph a “kid of the week”.

Please tune in to see what amazing little people in fabulous outfits I find on my outings with my daughter Ivy.

Our first little dare devil is Leo, see below for Leo’s pictures and bio.

name:           Leo

age:               nearly 2

outfit:           long sleeve T and skinny jeans – cotton on kids

beanie           courtesy of grandma juju

shoes             zara

accessory     shovel found in sand pit

snack             fruit toast – sejuiced bondi

Leo’s mum says one of his favourite things to do at the moment is – 

Leo loves putting both hands behind his back with one hand clutching a special little item, he asks me to pick which hand is holding said item, then produces an empty hand saying “no”, makes me pick the other hand, then produces said item with such a “TAA-DAAAA!!” it would impress David Copperfield.